AsiaWay Products + Logistics values the supply chain as a basic principle to reach success in the business world. Thus, all process stages are essential to reach the objectives set by clients, partners and collaborators.

Business Activities:

Prospection of Products in the International Market

Based on our clients' needs we find suppliers able to provide the main needs demanded by products, packaging, services, target prices and delivery.
Prospecção de Produtos no Mercado Internacional

Goods Monitoring and Inspection

According to our clients' needs, we perform goods monitoring and inspection. That is, we monitor all productive cycle, from sample development, raw-material purchase, productive process, packaging process, and shipping.
Acompanhamento e Inspeção de Mercadorias

Own Brand Product Development

Along with prospecting products we look for suppliers that are able to adapt the products visual identity. Then, the pattern that is initially presented by the supplier is altered so it is possible to add your own brand to the good.
Desenvolvimento de Produto com Marca Própria

Logistics Consulting

  • Consultancy in establishing Economic Order Quantity;
  • Assistance in choosing the most adequate modal according to product, weight, volume and need;
  • Analysis of all logistics chain to avoid bottlenecks;
  • Development of service suppliers to all logistics chain;
  • Assistance in all import and export process;
  • Monitoring of all logistics chain.
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Administrative Consultancy

  • Analysis of all documents necessary for importing/exporting;
  • Assistance in obtaining import licenses at proper authorities and Ministries;
  • Assistance in establishing prices from an Economic Order Quantity facilitating saving or generating more competitiveness to our clients;
  • Identification of most appropriate fiscal classification (NCM), according to the imported goods;
  • Assistance in forwarding the administrative process to the Internal Federal revenue for proper NCM identification, so to avoid penalties for wrong classification when of nationalizing products;
  • Document issuance (invoice, packing list) according to Brazilian customs norms.
Assessoria Administrativa